About us

Based in Singapore since 2004, we specialize in the design of water features alongside offering solutions for all projects. Coupled with our comprehensive consultancy services, you can look forward to a complete solution to cater to all your needs.

We have built a strong alliance, together with our reputable partners in North Asia, culminating in a network spanning across the Asia Pacific region. With wide-ranging support, you can count on us to deliver!

Our Services

An array of consultancy services is tailored specifically to your demands in areas of design, supply of fountain system and project commissioning.

Design services:

Ingenuity and finesse is fully represented during the initial stage of concept design. Once finalized, the creation of effects animation for visualization of the finished product takes place.  The final phase of development is pieced together with system design, engineering drawing and technical specifications to complete the blueprint to a wonder design of art.

Fountain systems:

The possibilities are almost endless with our variety of fountain products and systems to create a multitude of combinations. Our very own in-house “Vario Fountain TM” is a prime example of quality engineered products for specific applications. With budget and specifications being your consideration, understanding your needs is vital!